Since the first event in 2011, the KFT permanently grows its size by increasing the number of teams enrolled to the tournament. At the same time, the necessity to increase the number of volunteers is obvious in order to be able to deal with the organisational demands that comes along with an event of this size.

We are very pleased to observe a continuous growth of motivated new volunteers each year that contribute to the unique KFT experience.

Standing (from left to right): Holger Wenkel, Marco Korallus, Jost-Philipp Fecho, Jonas Hahlbohm, Aisha Janz, Marcel Köpke, Marlene Gesch, Madeleine Harneid, André Köpke, Kai Laackmann, Bernd Köpke, Axel Korallus, Marcus Hundt, Maik Köppen, Sarah Burmeister, Julian Schmedt, Torben Kronshage, Kevin Braun, Jürgen Steindorf

Sitting (from left to right): Sebastian Nowak, Sebastian Steindorf, Martin Wenkel, Lena Damalaks, Sina Kuhlmeier, Lars Rasche

Missing on this photo: Finn Lehnhardt, Anika Lehnhardt, Sören Piehl, Tom Martens, Christian Enge, Marvin Kirchhof, Sarah Gaebel, Johannes Dreyer, Torben Dübler, Jan-Hinrich Lichtenberg, Maren Knörzer, Dennis Boldt